• Becoming a parent doesn’t have to be a solo journey

    Welcome to Becoming MHC. Our purpose is to help you find a sense of wholeness, health, and peace within yourself, so you can wholeheartedly become a parent.

    Our practice focuses on supporting you through your process of becoming wherever you may be in your journey.  In a safe and compassionate space, we focus on family planning, fertility, grief, loss, prenatal and postpartum mental health, and adjusting to new parenthood.

    "Instead of trying to get back to the person I used to be, I will learn to accept and appreciate the person I am becoming."
    ― Unknown ―

    Our mission is to create a safe and comfortable place to access quality mental health care for your pregnancy journey, birth and postpartum, and throughout parenthood. Identifying that you need support and seeking that support can be difficult and we want to make getting the help you deserve easy. We offer individual and group sessions via tele-health.